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Poverty and Prosperity in Nunavut

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy was engaged by the Nunavut Anti-Poverty Secretariat to consider a ‘made-in-Nunavut’ social policy inspired by Nunavut’s unique history and values, and geared to its social, demographic, economic and political characteristics.  The paper is intended to launch an exchange of ideas on a new social vision for Nunavut.  

Understanding Poverty in Nunavut  

A report commissioned by the Nunavut Anti-Poverty Secretariat as a contribution to the territorial discussion about how to best measure poverty and support the implementation of The Makimaniq Plan.

Makimaniq Implementation Plan (2013)

The Makimaniq Implementation Plan is intended to inform the development of the Five Year Plan by providing a current snap shot and status report on the actions being taken towards poverty alleviation. It also includes some recommendations for consideration in the Five Year Plan.

Case Study: Healing Through Collaboration

This case study, written by Don Lenihan of the Public Policy Forum, offers a participant's view of how The Makimaniq Plan emerged as Nunavut's shared approach to poverty reduction.


The author also gives an overview of the importance of 'healing' as a major objective of an ongoing, inclusive dialogue among stakeholders in the wellbeing of Nunavummiut.

A Profile of Homelessness (2014)

A Profile of Homelessness in Nunavut is the first point in time count to provide evidence that absolute homelessness in Nunavut does exist, while also contributing to our understanding of what it means to be homeless in Nunavut, and what the needs of the homeless are.”


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