Housing and Income Support

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Over half of Nunavummiut access public housing and income support programs, almost always in combination. Without these programs, many Nunavummiut would not be able to meet their basic needs. We depend on these programs more than people do in any other region of Canada. But, we must constantly strive to ensure that these programs do not cause unintended effects, such as a “poverty trap.”

Our discussions about this theme conclude that to reach our vision of our communities free of poverty we must pursue the following goals and objectives:

A. Improvements to the income support system and related supports available to those who access income support programs

All efforts will be made to support the Tamapta objective to review how much can be earned before it is deducted and other changes to income support programming that would benefit individuals transitioning to work.

We will also work collaboratively to develop additional supports for individuals transitioning to work, partnering with employers to provide targeted support and training for new employees and with non-governmental organizations that may have a role to play.

B. Increased collective understanding of the income support system overall and clarification of specific policies and programs

Community dialogues confirmed the importance of income support programs to many individuals in all communities, but also indicated varying degrees of clarity about specific policies and programs.

Increased collective understanding and clarification of the overall objectives of the income support system will benefit all stakeholders, including income support recipients, income support workers, service providers from other agencies, and Nunavummiut in general, as our social safety net continues to evolve with our changing needs.

C. Exploration of affordable housing options through cooperation and partnership

We will work collaboratively to explore and support affordable housing options, which are essential to all aspects of our lives, including individual and family wellbeing, social cohesion, an effective workforce, and a vibrant economy.

D. Multi-party inquiry and public dialogue on the history of housing in Nunavut

The history of community settlement and the promised housing provision by the federal government continues to impact the delivery and understanding of the Government of Nunavut’s public housing programs today. We will support a multi-party inquiry and public dialogue about the history and long-term visions for housing in Nunavut.