The Makimaniq Plan (2011)

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The participants of Nunavut’s first Poverty Summit, held in Iqaluit from November 28 to 30, 2011, adopted a shared approach to poverty reduction through the release of The Makimaniq Plan. At the heart of this plan is the belief that the way forward to a Nunavut without poverty is the path of collaboration and healing.

Building on our collective assets, The Makimaniq Plan is a shared approach for all of us—governments, Inuit organizations, non-governmental organizations, businesses and citizens, including those who have faced the challenges of poverty.

This plan identifies six themes that frame the Nunavut approach to poverty reduction, and contains prioritized actions proposed for each theme We recognize that this is a plan for all of us, and we pledge to review this plan within our respective organizations to confirm our commitment to these priorities.