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Working groups function as Roundtable Task Groups. Like the Nunavut Food Security Coalition or Innunnguiniq, working groups are self-organizing and self-directing groups that, consistent with the vision and purpose of the Roundtable, identify solutions to issues in one or more of the Roundtable’s priority theme areas.

Members of the working group are accountable to the Roundtable, to the organizations they represent, and to each other.

Working groups provide support to the Roundtable as a whole by preparing information on their particular topic/theme, ensuring consensus is expressed, exploring key issues related to their topic in more depth, and presenting the information to the Roundtable.

By supporting the implementation of the five-year plan, working groups serve as a territorial interagency committee on the specific working group topic, provide leadership and oversight for action arising from the plan, and monitor outcomes.

Current Action Groups:

Learn more about our work with the Nunavut Food Security Coalition here.


During the June 2011 Roundtable Gathering, one topic became the focus of many conversations: inunnguiniq, parenting skills, and family planning. Elders in particular said that we need to better support young people to strengthen their core life skills before becoming parents. We agreed that this is essential if we are going to break the cycle of poverty and improve outcomes for children.

The Roundtable Gathering in Rankin Inlet May 12-14, 2014, focussed on the theme, Inunnguinniq: Parenting and Child Development.” Participants decided that in order to address the issues identified during the Gathering a working group should be formed to ensure “persistency and consistency” in the Roundtable’s approach.